Chi-Son Chang

The Window Space at The National Centre for Craft & Design is filled with colourful glass work throughout May and June.

Young graduate Chi -Son Chang creates innovative glass pieces that are random, chaotic, off-centre and complex.  As he explains: “I am constantly learning and experimenting with the properties of glass to create complicated effects that are beautiful and truly unique”

The handmade and highly individual pieces are not restricted by size, colour or form.  Mixes of different colours are used to achieve certain effects. By controlling the reduction and oxidation stages, Chang can produce a range of colours from black, transparent brown, electric blue to green and by trapping air bubbles he creates the illusion that they are made of silver. He takes traditional techniques such as cane work and adds a contemporary touch to it generating special patterns and designs. His skills in glass cutting and polishing bring out the brilliant shiny surfaces giving his pieces a gemstone like quality.

Chi-Son Chang’s exhibition at The National Centre is as a result of receiving the Innovation Award, in recognition of innovation shown by a young graduate maker, at last year’s Lustre show at Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham.  “The high level of skill, the imagination and experimentation employed by Chi-Son certainly stood out making him a worthy winner of our annual Innovation Award” said Clare Edwards, Business & Creative Manager of The National Centre for Craft & Design.

Chang will be discussing the techniques and inspiration behind his glass work during a Gallery Talk taking place on Saturday 16 June at 1pm at The National Centre for Craft & Design.

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