The Window Collection

A Window on the World

The windows and stair wells of The National Centre for Craft & Design are being transformed with a collection of new artworks, artefacts and curiosities. All the items will help describe the role that art, design and craft play in our shared experiences of the world; the things we populate it with and the functions they perform.

Curator Sam West says:
“We’re collecting historical artefacts and new craft objects, iconic design pieces and contextual material such as images, texts, maps, equipment all connecting with each other and exploring how they function within our everyday life”

The first pieces on display will include a film by artist Tracey McMaster telling the story of John who collects clocks. Alongside will be one of John’s clocks; a 300 year old Hook and Spike striking clock dating from the early 1700s which as he says, has had a “hard and varied life but is still going”. A book of philosophical essays open at a page relevant to time will continue the theme as will a turret clock chosen by Sam West for its industrial rather than classic timepiece look.

The Window Collection will weave its way up the staircase and landings to the very top of the National Centre’s four storey building, on a series of eye-catching plinths, cabinets, frames and drawers giving it the feel of a permanent museum collection but with the design aesthetic and fluidity of a distinct visitor attraction. Utilising this particular space with its glass windows makes a subtle reference to the collection being a ‘window onto the way we live or have lived’.

Sam says: “We hope visitors will spot the connections. There are many ways in which one object can relate to another; it could be visual, thematic or more conceptual in nature and we are hoping for witty and amusing donations”.

Imagine what might fit or should fit into the collection, what should be exhibited alongside the other. Each week the display will grow and evolve. To inspire nominations, donations and selections the NCCD have included three potential categories to get people started:

A Design Classic – iconic, revolutionary or ground breaking
Craftsmanship – with an established tradition of making
Popular Culture – a record cover, a movie poster, a book or item of clothing

If you would like to contribute an object then please pick up an information pack from The National Centre for Craft & Design or email or telephone 01529 308710.

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