Jewels from Brazil

Firmly established within the international design arena, Brazilian design is continually celebrated for its inventiveness, originality and it’s culturally diverse flavour.

The works in this exhibition demonstrate these ideals in abundance, and present a compelling snapshot of the wealth of artistic talent practicing within Brazil today.

Given the rich possibilities this vast nation provides in terms of the natural occurrence of raw materials and a highly developed manufacturing industry; the exhibition takes it’s starting point in ‘materials’ – both natural and manmade - exploring their distinct relationship with Brazilian culture and the global issues they now represent.

Reusing ‘leftovers’ for example, is a key theme in the show. But as highlighted by the exhibition curator Adelia Borges, this activity originally adopted by Brazilian people as a response to the poor economic climate of the time, is now returning due to a greater awareness of the detrimental effect recent economic affluence has had on global ecology.

The influence of the rich biodiversity found in Brazil, is also apparent within the artworks on show. Here, raw materials are applied to jewellery design in fresh and innovative ways. Materials utilised within the designs include: Brazilian precious stones and metals such as gold and silver, Amazonian tree seeds, palm fibres, leather taken from river fish, and the unique golden grass found in the heart of the country.

The tour of the exhibition has been made possible with support from Adelia Borges the Museum of Modern Art São Paulo, and Centro de Design Paraná.
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