Kate McBride Curates: The window Collection

Kate McBride Curates:
The Window Collection
Sat 25 Jan - Sun 20 April 2014

In 2014 our Window Collection will be curated by guest artists. The new displays will reflect each of our custodians tastes and interests in new and exciting ways. Artists are often characterized as producers of strange and unusual things, but they are also often obsessive accumulators and fervent consumers. The collection will continue to weave its way up the staircase and landings but it will now steered by a makers hand who will invite us to imagine our material world differently.

The NCCD is proud to present our inaugural Window Collection guest curator artist Kate McBride. Working in ceramics, McBride has established herself as one of the countries most interesting makers. Her decedent tea sets and humorous figurines draw inspiration from greek mythology, popular culture, and the rich cannon of decorative fine art history. McBride is also a passionate collector of objects ranging from automata to pop-up books.

Curator: Karl Fry

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