Phobias represent an extreme reaction to an object or situation. By looking at these objects and exploring their effects this exhibition focuses on our relationship with the world around us and the objects that populate it. (n) brings together a diverse collection of seemingly unrelated objects and artworks under the umbrella of fear, dislike and aversion. It features phobia mail art collected from around the world by recent MA Fine art graduate Elizabeth Dismorr, alongside a curated display of phobic objects and an interactive cabinet of tactile curiosities.

The exhibition evokes common fears such as Acrophobia (fear of heights) to utterly bizarre psychological afflictions such as Pteronophobia (fear of being tickled by feathers) or Mycophobia (fear or aversion to mushrooms).

So unless you suffer from an irrational fear of arts and crafts, join us for an amusing, thought provoking, personal and in some cases terrifying exploration of phobias.

In conjunction with this project we are asking you, the audience, to participate in Dismorr's mail art project by submitting your own postcards depicting your phobias. Create your own postcard when you visit our Learning Zone or send your phobia postcards to you. See "Competitions" for more details.

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