Pina Lavelli

Italian ceramicist, Pina Lavelli showcases her sculptural ceramics inspired by organic shapes and living processes within the natural world. Instead of representing identifiable objects, her sculptures use abstract forms to convey imaginative ideas.

Lavelli explores all facets of plant life from start to finish, seedling to sapling, from germination to fruit, with particular interest in seed disperal. This particular fascintation was a result of reading the book "I giardini venuti dal vento" (The gardens brought by the wind) by Maria Gabriella Buccioli. Maria Gabriella looks upon her garden as if it were a canvas, embracing weeds, plants, forms and colours, brought in via the wind. Lavelli is a keen gardener and she began to notice and embrace the weeds, which would appear and produce beautiful flowers independently. It is this idea of seed dispersal, connectivity with nature and it's natural elements that have inspired the work on display within our Centre.

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