Re-Engage highlights just some of the various new technologies such as iPads, 3D printers and online tools being used to engage audiences and consumers in the design, conception and creation of unique and bespoke artworks and products.

Makies is an action doll creator. A player/customer can design their own action doll using online software – choosing the eyes, nose, mouth, hair, clothes, even the width of the smile and the shape of the hands. The company then 3D print it uniquely for them, build & dress it, and then send the finished doll on to the customer.

Visitors will also be able to meet Frstee the snowman built using the power of Twitter. Last Christmas, The Really Interesting Group based in London produced individually-manufactured baubles whose dimensions are determined by online data from Twitter accounts. So, when you order your very own Frstee, the system takes a look at your Twitter account and the more followers you have, the bigger the snowman’s head, the number of buttons on his body denote the number of years you have been using Twitter and so on. It is say RIG, with tongue firmly in their cheeks, “a uniquely Social Media frisson designed for your festive tree”

Also displayed within the exhibition is kide, a unique teaching tool which allows children to design and make 3D printed toys through playing a creative game. They use computers to design and then 3D printers to make the toys for the children to play with. As the designer Dejan Mitriovic says: “Children can create a link between the virtual and materialistic 3D worlds. This offers full customisation and personalisation of physical toys and encourages live interaction through a playful learning experience.

Artist Patrick Murphy has devised Art by Committee an ongoing project and experiment in the use of the internet and social networking as a device for directing a participatory art project. He has set up10 online polls on his website whereby he invites people to choose a colour, choose a shape, a material etc that will decide defining elements of a final piece called 'Art by Committee'. The polls will close in October, whereupon work will start on producing the final piece using the most popular choices from the 10 online polls to direct the final work.

Digital artist Jason Wilsher Mills uses iPads to create digital paintings which are then printed out onto high quality handmade water colour paper. Throughout the exhibition, visitors will be encouraged to manipulate and make additions to an iPad painting originally devised by Jason. For those interested in learning more about iPad art and developing skills in new media, Jason will be leading workshops at The National Centre every Friday throughout August.

Re-Engage is a very interactive exhibition offering the visitor the opportunity to interact with some of the works on show in order to create their very own product or artwork.


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