Brief Encounter by Stacy Brafield

The National Centre for Craft and Design's exciting Window Space exhibitions continue to showcase up-and-coming talent with a display of work by Stacy Brafield. The site specific work created for this exhibition comprises a stunning installation spanning all four floors of the window space gallery.

Stacy has been watching the classic 1945 film, Brief Encounter on VHS and has taken inspiration from its linear aesthetic and the emotions portrayed on screen, before removing the tape from its plastic case and using it to create new imagery on the gallery walls. The leftover tape has been made into a new version of the film, showing alongside the installation. Viewers are encouraged to contemplate what is missing from both elements of the work, the changing use of materials, and the ways in which these uses mirror each other. As one picture is lost, another will take its place.

Brafield, an embroidery graduate, intentionally employs seemingly everyday objects, transforming them and maximising their aesthetic qualities. In the rapidly developing 21st Century, video tapes are losing their importance and being sent to landfill sites as refuse. This work reuses and gives new life to this material, celebrating the aesthetic qualities of a shiny black line that can travel through space. The installation will engage with the architectural features and play of light within the building, while also questioning and undermining the traditional limitations of scale in embroidery.

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