Design Forum

We have teamed up with industry professionals to deliver an exciting programme of workshops, lectures and events.

With a focused look at design processes, creative thinking, making and problem solving the forum aims to broaden participants aspirations and skill set, enhance and enrich schemes of work and inspire the next generation of UK designers and engineers.


Design Days

Suitable for both primary and secondary schools our design days offer students the opportunity to become designers for the day. Working in teams they are given a brief and allocated a budget before following key design processes to develop, create and market a new product. 

The days available are architecture, textiles, product design and graphic design. 

£2 per person, suitable for primary and secondary schools


Designer Talks

Industry professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in craft, design, engineering and education lead our programme of designer talks. 

Participants learn from first hand experiences of the design process, gain advice and information on careers in the industry and develop visual inspiration and increase links with current design practice.

£2 per person, suitable for secondary schools and FE


The Big Toy Factory

The Big Toy Factory is an award-winning programme delivered by the University of Lincoln that enables bright ideas to be brought to life. Participants will experience the joy of designing a product and seeing their ideas made into a reality by professional technicians before decorating the outcome to take home.

Free, suitable for primary schools

Places are strictly limited so booking in advance is essential.

For more information or to book please contact the learning team on 01529 308712 or [email protected]


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