Growing: Celebrating our past, exploring our future

‘Growing ‘takes its lead from the very first exhibition we held in 2003, called ‘What is Craft?’ Ten years on, we’ve invited leading figures in the sphere of contemporary craft and design, artists, curators, writers and influencers, to nominate work by emerging and established artists who will be the innovators of the future. Over thirty artists have been proposed by our nominators to create an exhibition demonstrating a wide range of craft media and forms: textiles, ceramics, glass, jewellery, basketry, furniture and millinery. (scroll down to the bottom of this page for a full list of exhibitors)

The 10th anniversary of The National Centre for Craft & Design (formerly The Hub) comes at an exciting time for contemporary craft. Technical and conceptual innovations have taken craft forward in exciting and unexpected ways, whilst the economic downturn has led to a re-evaluation of traditional techniques and re-use of materials. This exhibition will provoke new ideas and stimulate new ways of thinking about craft as a whole.

Our own NCCD nomination is Paulo Goldstein, a Project Space artist at Collect 2013, the Crafts Council’s prestigious craft fair. We are commissioning Paulo to create new work as part of his ‘Repair is Beautiful’ collection.

Our second commission will be a mini -residency throughout the opening weekend of the exhibition by performance craft artist Alec Stevens, who will be making new work in response to visitor input.

Crafts Council Director Rosy Greenlees nominated basketry artist Stella Harding for her innovative use of material and techniques and ambitious approach to scale and Sarah Warsop, “for her movement inspired jewellery which draws directly on her experience as a dancer and choreographer”.

Journalist and former director of the Design Museum Alice Rawsthorn proposed Dutch based Italian designers Formafantasma, whose work comments on nostalgia and tradition. Japanese-born Hitomi Hosono impressed Bonnie Kemske, Editor of Ceramic Review, who nominated her exquisitely delicate and detailed porcelain sculptures adorned with intricate patterns influenced by traditional British ceramic techniques.

A body of ceramic work will also be on show by Joseph Hartley, New Designers

2013 ‘Designer of the Year’ whose work impressed no less than five of our nominators. There will be textiles by Mister Finch and Mai Tabakian, the latter selected by artist Gabriel Dawe. We are also showing glass from Samantha Donaldson (nominated by our sister organisation Design Factory), jewellery by Lisa Juen and furniture from designer  Sebastian Cox. Complementing the exhibition will be an online gallery of all nominated artists’ work expanding on the physical show. This online gallery will offer an opportunity for comment and debate on the subject of the future of craft and design as well as an opportunity to view the exhibited artworks from afar.

In her essay for ‘What is Craft?’, Louise Taylor (then director of the Crafts Council) said: “Craft retains its traditional core but many innovators are challenging boundaries and using the language of ‘craftsmanship’ in new ways”. These words still pertain today, especially the extraordinary 3D printed work created by Michael Eden, nominated by leading ceramics specialist Adrian Sassoon, whose work uses new technologies to explore and alter traditional and iconic English designs.

The artworks displayed in ‘Growing’ are destined to become the icons of the future.

We are pleased to announce that for the first time ever, the exhibition artworks can also be viewed online, through our new Pinterest gallery. Click here to view.

Full list of exhibitors:

Aimee Betts - nominated by Anne-Marie Franey and Angela Mann Visit the website here

Alineh Azadeh - nominated by Janis Jefferies Visit the website here

Alec Stevens - nominated by Lizzie Thomas Visit the website here

Amy Cooper - nominated by Pete Moss Visit the website here

Anna Barlow - nominated by Kate Malone Visit the website here

Anna Glasbrook - nominated by Rosy Greenlees Visit the website here

Anna Collette Hunt - nominated by Rosy Greenlees Visit the website here

Designgoat - nominated by Ann Mulrooney Visit the website here

Dominic Williams - nominated by David Gates Visit the website here

Emma Yeo - nominated by Rosy Greenlees Visit the website here

Eva Malschaert - nominated by Freddie Robins Visit the website here

Gaea Todd - nominated by Glenn Adamsonn Visit the website here

Giedre Vadeike - nominated by Linda Theophilus Visit the website here

Helen Snell - nominated by Erica Steer Visit the website here

Hitomi Hisono - nominated by Bonnie Kemske Visit the website here

Jane Dzisiewski – nominated by Anne-Marie Franey and Angela Mann Visit the website here

Jin Eui Kim - nominated by Sarah James Visit the website here

Joseph Hartley - nominated by Laura Ellen Bacon, Deirdre Figueiredo, Michael Eden and Stephen Dixon Visit the website here

Lisa Juen - nominated by Norman Cherry Visit the website here

Louise Anderson - nominated by Lesley Millar Visit the website here

Mai Tabakian - nominated by Gabriel Dawe Visit the website here

Masahashi Tsukada - nominated by Reiko Sudo 

Michael Eden - nominated by Adrian Sassoon Visit the website here

Misun Won - nominated by Lizzie Farey Visit the website here

Mister Finch - nominated by Polly Leonard Visit the website here

Nao Fukumoto - nominated by Simon Olding Visit the website here

Naseem Darbey - nominated by Mary Schoeser Visit the website here

Paulo Goldstein - nominated by The National Centre for Craft & Design Visit the website here

Samantha Donaldson - nominated by Hayley Banks  Visit the website here

Sarah Warsop - nominated by Rosy Greenlees Visit the website here

Sebastian Cox - nominated by Toby Winteringham Visit the website here

Study O Portable - nominated by Marloes ten Bhomer Visit the website here

Stella Harding - nominated by Rosy Greenlees Visit the website here

Studio Formafantasma - nominated by Alice Rawsthorn Visit the website here

Zoe Lloyd - nominated by Anne-Marie Franey and Angela Mann Visit the website here

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